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Empowering Excellence in Gene Therapy: Quality, Speed, Continuous Improvement – A Trusted Partner of Your Journey.

Your Gene Therapy Journey Starts with CoJourney

Embarking on the journey to develop CGT products can be complex and time-consuming. A strategic manufacturing partner can simplify this process by providing CMC expertise and utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

At CoJourney, each member of our executive team boasts over two decades of drug manufacturing expertise, making us a leading full-service Gene Therapy CDMO. Our manufacturing platforms prioritize quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness. We specialize in process development, cGMP manufacturing, and analytical method development for plasmids, viral vectors, and mRNA.

Our dedication is reflected in the satisfaction of our 40+ customers, showcasing the commitment that defines our CoJourney values. We are here to support you as a trusted guide on your Gene Therapy journey.

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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

All of CoJourney’s GMP facilities meet FDA/EMA/NMPA standards.


  • Multi-product commercial facility for GMP plasmid and mRNA manufacturing
    • 5 independent trains with >300 batches a year
  • Multi-product facility for clinical GMP viral vector manufacturing
    • 2 trains with 200L and 500L bioreactors

Haining Commercial Center

  • Multi-product commercial facility for viral vector manufacturing
    • 6 trains with 200L, 500L, and 2000L bioreactors for GMP viral vector production
    • Operational by 2025

Looking for GMP manufacturing and regulatory support for your cell and gene therapy product?

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