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Efficient, Scalable Production of High-Quality mRNA

Tailored end to end solution:
From Plasmid Generation to mRNA Production, CoJourney delivers a seamless journey:

  • Integration of CoJourney’s mRNA platform with our Zero Chrom Plasmid Platform
  • Stringent quality control guarantee the accuracy and high quality of mRNA product.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility offers scalability, flexibility, and rapid production capabilities, meeting the evolving demands of the industry.
  • Our Quality Processes and GMP facilities adhere to the regulatory standards set by FDA, EMA, and NMPA, ensuring compliance and confidence in our products and processes.
M1 to M5

Manufacturing of High Purity GMP Grade mRNA

Collaborating with CoJourney for mRNA production grants you access to extensive industry expertise.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific mRNA manufacturing needs.

Our platform has been fine-tuned to ensure the production of exceptionally pure GMP grade mRNA.

As a trusted CDMO partner, CoJourney excels in producing top-quality mRNA for therapies. Our expertise covers every step, from development to full-scale manufacturing:

Process Development and Scale Up to GMP

  • We use small-scale models for efficiency in optimization and troubleshooting.
  • Specializing in IVT DoE studies, we enhance mRNA yields to your standards.
  • Our methods boost yields, maintain quality, and minimize material loss.
  • We deliver research-grade material swiftly within a month.

Expansive analytical capability for PD and GMP manufacturing of mRNA

  • mRNA Assays are readily available to be adapted to your program.
  • In-process monitoring and sampling performed throughout manufacturing process
  • GMP QC labs perform batch release testing on-site
  • QC Team routinely ensures compliance with evolving regulatory requirements
  • Other Analytical / QC Services Include
    • In-house Stability testing under various temperature conditions
    • Reference Standard generation and qualification from development or at-scale runs.
    • Characterization and Analytical Comparability
    • Method Development / Qualification / Validation
    • Method Optimization for transferred methods not aligned with current standards

Our Services

CDMO Process Development And cGMP Manufacturing Services

CoJourney’s platform is specifically designed to maximize yields, increase scalability, and produce mRNA of the highest quality. Each step in our development and manufacturing process is guided by a quality system that meets FDA, EU, and NMPA regulatory guidelines, and has been shaped by more than 20 years of experience in industrial and commercial GMP manufacturing for cell and gene therapy applications.

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